Rasur des Tages, 05.12.14

-heisses Tuch
-Proraso pre e dopo barba
-Penhalogon’s Blenheim Bouquet RC
-Nightdivers 24er K2 Supreme Green Two Band
-8/8″ Koraat-Wolf Z1 „Kaishaku“
-kalte Gesichtswäsche
-GFT Wellington AS
-GFT Wellington Cologne

Rasur des Tages, 05.07.14

-heisses Tuch
-Floid Sandolor Pre Shave
-K2 Supreme Green
-Musgo Real Lavender
-5/8″ Schulze Extra Type, vollhohl
-kalte Gesichtswäsche
-Floid AS Masaje

Rasur des Tages, 19.04.14

He had the Ring
He had the flat
But she felt his chin
And that was that

The American one
-heisses Tuch
-Maggard Razor PS-Oil Lime
-Nightdivers K-2 Supreme Green
-Burma-Shave RS (1960er)
-Cobra Classic Shaving Razor
-Feather Pro Guard (1)
-kalte Geschtswäsche
-Royall Mandarine AS